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Why? Because sometimes, the truth is obvious. And obvious things are easy to forget.

A bi-weekly business and philosophy podcast hosted by Tan Lay featuring guests from around the world sharing professional stories and insight.

Recorded in Helsinki, Finland.

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Networking and Marketing Startups in Helsinki  


Anna Rosa is an experienced marketing and business development professional with extensive experience working with startups in Finland.

She's one of my favorite people to talk to about growth hacking, business strategy and startup marketing. 

Renouncing Success in Finland to Move to Hollywood  

RAMIN SOHRAB - Aug 25, 2020

Ramin Sohrab is an award-winning filmmaker, actor, martial artist and stunt coordinator.

He was born in Tehran, grew up in Helsinki, and found himself lost in terms of direction despite owning a successful marketing and PR company.

Here, he tells the story of finding his way again.

Buyers, Sellers and Dream Makers 

STEVE KEYS - Aug 18, 2020

In this episode, Steven Keys talks to me from his home in the south of England.

He is a man of many skills who is, by his own words, 'juggling many balls'. He has been in sales most of his life, he has been a professional motorbike racer, owned and operated a successful bike dealership and these days he's a television writer, director and creator.

He joins me now to talk about the art sales - or the way Steve puts it: Dream making!

Producing a Hit Crime Documentary for Netflix 

DANIEL BOGADO - Jul 30, 2020

Danny is a Brit-born Paraguayan and producer/director of multiple award-winning documentaries for major broadcasters around the world.

He's also an old friend from film school.

Here, we talk about his hit Netflix series 'Killer Ratings.'
We discuss the nuances of telling a compelling story through documentary.
And Danny shares his opinion on the power of media to influence the masses.

Escaping Cancel Culture & Media Manipulation

TIM CONLEY - Jul 22, 2020

Tim is an American business coach and mentor.
Some of the points we cover in this episode:

- the influence of media on creating fear and anxiousness
- lack of knowledge is not a flaw
- intervening in a situation with unknown variables
- the importance of core principles to live a good life

Building Your Product vs Talking About It

AMANDINE FLACHS - Jul 16, 2020

Amandine has been involved in the startup ecosystem for 10 years as community manager, growth consultant, and now a founder.
She’s from Paris - lives in London and joins me now to talk about:
- personal branding
- networking and communicating
- video games

Asia, Technology, Laziness & Innovation


Nathaniel Fetalvero is a writer and producer at Tech in Asia- a media company based in Singapore serving Asia’s tech and startup community. Some topics we covered:
- what new technology is currently at the top of Nat's mind 
- does technology make people more lazy or more productive?
- how Myanmar is developing as the final frontier in South East Asia
- what common traits Nat has noticed among successful Asian startups

Design Thinking In a 400-Year-Old Company

JUHO PAASONEN - Jun 29, 2020

Juho is the Design Lead at a national institution that is the Finnish Postal Service Group: Posti.

He talks about starting his professional career at the age of 17 which led to him working as Interaction Designer at Google before returning to Finland to build a creative design team at Posti. We discuss the differences between making art and making design, and what's required from good design leadership.

Hacking the Brain to Increase Our Ability to Learn

MELISSA FARMER - Jun 23, 2020

Dr. Melissa Farmer is a clinician-scientist with roots in sexology, pain research, and neuroscience. She is also co-founder of health tech startup Aivohealth.

Lots of cool human psychology stuff in this episode including:
- how to fast track information into your brain
- why the brain tends to notice negative situations more
- the principles behind neutralizing traumatic memories... and more!

Confessions of an Advertising Man From Finland

RIKU VASSINEN - Jun 18, 2020

Riku Vassinen is currently the Managing Partner of Ogilvy Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya.

We talk about attitudes towards advertising in his native country of Finland as well as in the wider world. He shares some thoughts and opinions about working with agencies in Europe, Asia and Africa. And since we're both basketball nuts we had to talk a little bit about Michael Jordan and the impact of media hype in the NBA.

Good Human vs Good Marketer

TIM CONLEY - May 31, 2020

Tim Conley is a speaker, trainer and a business coach working with B2B service entrepreneurs. Here, he delivers some straight shooting, clear and simple insights on personal and business growth.

How: successful marketing does not require good ethics; nobody truly has vision; our actions do not align with our beliefs; we're afraid to define big goals; successful leaders often ignore external opinion; we say we want the truth but we really don't!

The Best of Volume One

COMPILATION - May 28, 2020

In the previous volume, I had 11 excellent guests from the fields of entertainment, business & marketing and even neuroscience who shared valuable stories and insight..

This is a highlights compilation of notable soundbites from each guest discussing communication, productivity and personal & professional growth.

Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of  the obvious.

- George Orwell


I was born in South East Asia, grew up in North West England and live in Southern Finland.

I started my professional career 15 years ago in Film and Television.

Today, when I'm not working my day job as a Marketing and Content Producer, I interview special friends on my podcast and write blogs about personal and business growth. 


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